Thermal Paper    2 1/4 x 230  

Casio 1600, Casio CE-T100, Casio CE-T300, Casio PCR-T465, Casio PCR-T2000, Casio TE-2000, Casio TE-3000, Casio TE-4500, Casio TE-7000, Casio TE-8500

  • Citizen CBM262, CBM270

  • Eltron LP2022

  • Epson TM-L90

  • Gasboy TMS 500 Tank Monitor

  • Gilbarco/Marconi Commerce 4414

  • Hypercom T7P-T, T7PT

  • Royal Alpha 583cx , Royal Alpha 600sc, Royal Alpha 9155sc

  • Samsung ER-650,ER-650R, ER-650SS, ER-5200, ER-5215, ER-5240

  • Sharp 01PU, 01PU, ER-A450T, UP-700, XE-A201, XE-A202, XE-A302

  • Towa/TCA/Konic EX300

  • Veeder Root TLS350, TM2, TM3

  • And many more!

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